Campervan quest. Can we have it all?

  • Welcome to Eccentric Van Life

    7th Jul 2019 by

    So we have a campervan. We love our Bongo, but I must be honest, it’s not achieving our van life dream. We’re not your standard van lifers, we’re middle aged, we have full time jobs and have no mission to escape it all (guess we all do aspire to that, but we’re realists with 4… Read more


    11th Jul 2019 by

    So … latest update from the dealer was that repairs were ongoing today and it should be good to go in for the MOT tomorrow. For some reason (probably my general inability to just let things lie) sat here moments ago I decided to allow myself just one more DVLA MOT check, which had become… Read more

  • Are we ready?

    8th Jul 2019 by

    So I’ve done sooo much research (see the research page for a summary), we’ve been to visit..well ok only one, but I’ve “virtually” looked at lots! The St John’s Ambulance I posted a photo of yesterday ticks all our boxes. So we decided to go for it, but then on a whim I checked if… Read more

  • Why blog?

    7th Jul 2019 by

    Ok so #vanlife is a little overdone. I’m not a public person, I don’t want income from a blog. So why bother? I’m fairly internet savvy, but finding everything for our particular take on vanlife is proving hard. So gathering everything I learn in one place satisfies my inner librarian. It might help others? It’s… Read more

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